Cloud Computing

We are a cloud computing service provider that offers a cost-effective solution for businesses looking for anytime, anywhere access to client information or business applications.

Cloud business solutions allow your data and storage platform to be more available, more resilient and more scalable without upfront overhead. Ideally, a company’s ability to operate is not affected by any interruptions to power or internet. Implementation also has a lower up-front cost and allows for easier, less time-consuming and less expensive upgrades to new hardware and operating systems, which is an important factor for high-growth companies.

In the evolving world of information technology, every organization should explore the functionality that cloud computing can provide and assess the costs against their goals and long-term strategy.

Lazorpoint solutions take into account your industry, financial situation, infrastructure lifecycle, as well as your uptime, availability and scalability requirements. This means that we could recommend either a pure cloud, hybrid cloud, or on-premises IT infrastructure.

A pure cloud solution is right for some businesses, but others might benefit from a hybrid cloud solution. It all depends on your unique business needs and individual growth strategy – not on hype and fanfare.

Cloud and Business Technology Insights
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