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IT Standardization – Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of Your IT Systems

Did you know that small businesses tend to spend, on average, 6.9% of their revenue on IT? There’s no denying that technology is expensive. For some, IT can feel like a financial black hole.  

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The Pros and Cons of Outsourced & In-House IT

IT is a foundational part of your business and, when done right, can help create sustainable business growth. But, over the years, as IT has become more essential it has also become more complex. In 2020, the need for IT is greater than ever, but due to COVID-19 budgets have shrunk and margins have narrowed - so how can you get complex IT that supports your needs and your budget?

Fortunately, you’ve got options.

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What Makes a Great Virtual CIO

Your business uses technology for everything. From email to point of sale to accounting to communication - technology is involved. The problem is, technology, or IT, isn’t what you do. It’s what you use, but not what you like to manage.

Running a business is hard enough let alone managing all the technological pieces. In today’s world, IT is integral to the success of a business, but too often, business owners wear the hat of a Chief Information Officer among all the other hats they wear and it causes the business to suffer.

What you need is a Virtual CIO (vCIO).

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How To Build A Better IT Strategy, Part Three: Run

Whether your company outsources IT support, staffs an in-house department or operates on a hybrid approach, your technology team needs to budget, plan and position your company for growth. If this doesn’t sound like your situation, you need to rethink your IT strategy.

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The Tools You Need to Prevent Downtime

You’re working on a time-sensitive project, and you’re unable to access important files on the company server. Or, you’re in the middle of an important Skype meeting, and your Internet connection severs. Sometimes downtime is unpredictable – like in the case of natural disasters and weather emergencies – but the result is always the same: decreased productivity and profits.

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Transitioning to a New IT Provider Is Less Painful Than You Think

If technology is at the forefront of your business, a so-so IT provider weakens your competitive edge.

Making the switch to another provider may seem scary at first, but gathering the right information up front lessens the burden. Doing so also positions you to solve current user issues and build a better roadmap for the future of your company.

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How To Get The IT Talent You Need to Boost Your Technology Solutions

Growing companies are wising up to the importance of having strong technology leaders. 

But succeeding at hiring IT employees today is an uphill climb, especially in a technology landscape where winning talent is quickly scooped up by other companies, or the cost of keeping them is too great.

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Breaking Through The Business Technology Mentality Of “Us” And “Them”

Business technology is the backbone of most North American companies today, small and large. In 45% of these companies, CIOs or information technology directors report to CFOs or finance directors, a fact that emphasizes the importance of effective communication and a true understanding of departmental needs to manage the relationship between information technology and finance.

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3 Popular IT Myths that are Distorting Your IT Strategy

Information technology is a complex component of the business world. Unless you come from an IT background, you probably don't have exhaustive knowledge in the field. And even with experience, you're up against an IT landscape that changes at a rapid pace. 

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Managing Your Business in a Technology-Driven World

A business owner or CEO has varying responsibilities, but most management activities boil down to the same key functions: remove potential roadblocks to company success and ensure that your team has all of the appropriate resources to be effective. Even though your managers are responsible for most day-to-day operations, sometimes you realize: They are not equipped to handle everything.

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