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The Lazorpoint IT Consulting Team

Lazorpoint is more than a name. More than an IT company. More than just another IT managed services provider. It is a way of thinking and working that makes us who we are. We report to work every day with a clear purpose: to make sure our clients win. They win every time they make a better decision. They win every time they have new, exciting idea. They win when they take a step towards business growth.

Our mission-focused team is made up of talented individuals with years of experience and fresh ideas to help your business grow faster, smarter and safer.

Meet the Lazorpoint Team
Dave Lazor, Founder/CEO and PointMan
Matt Kraska, COO and PointMan
Kelly MacMillan, CFO
Harmon Tam, PointMan
Andy Calori
Andy Calori, PointMan
James Clay, Architect and Project Engineer
Steven Jones, Support Engineer
Jen Jurgelis, Senior Support Engineer
Clayton Theys, PointMan
Austin Sheppard, Senior Support Engineer
Brandon Wheeler Support Engineer
Brandon Wheeler, Support Engineer
Kristoff Lang Support Enginer
Kristoff Lang, Support Engineer
Mat Chada Support Engineer
Mat Chada, Support Engineer
Joey Corpman, Support Engineer
Matt Notarberardino, Run Leader
Jason Hall Head of Managed Services
Jason Hall, Head of Managed Services
Brett Schaffer
Brett Schaffer, Head of Marketing
Joe Simari, Director of Growth
Lori Zoller - Cropped
Lori Zoller, Accounting Manager
Julie Buttle
Julie Buttle, Office Manager
Julianna Zoller
Julianna Zoller, Admin Support
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