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How One Company Used Strategic IT to Save $12,000 a Month

Rethink IT

The frustration for our client, a fast-growing architectural, engineering, and interior design firm, was that their existing IT environment was inflexible, costly, and didn’t support their business strategy. Learn how we helped the company significantly reduce their IT costs while setting the up for success. 

IT should move you forward, not set you back.


  • IT Strategy Roadmap + Budget
  • IT Security Services
  • Network and Infrastructure Design + Implementation
  • IT Project Management
  • IT Managed Services
  • Help Desk IT Support

Strategic IT Starts With the Right Partner

Running a business is hard. Imagine taking IT services completely off your plate and just focusing on growing your business. We know you want to take your company to the next level. To do that, you need reliable, secure and proactive outsourced IT.

We believe you work too hard for IT to hold you back. With Lazorpoint, you can stop worrying about IT and instead partner with a team that cares about your success as much as you do.

That’s where Lazorpoint’s IT Peace of Mind™ program comes in. Peace of Mind™ provides the entirety of IT services that a middle-market company may require. Our proven program allows us to systematically learn about the intricacies of your business and then implement strategic solutions to your most challenging IT problems.

The end result is peace of mind – not downtime and disruptions.

IT Peace of Mind Program

Getting Peace of Mind is Easy

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Never Worry About IT Again
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What Our Clients Say

"Lazorpoint not only knew how to make it work, but how to make it work for us."

Steve Grasley
Chief Operating Officer – K2M Design

"One of the things that we liked about Lazorpoint was the fact that they have a wide variety of skill sets on staff. That was important to me. I wanted to make sure that if we had a hardware problem, network problem, or software problem, there would be somebody there who could help us."

"The training and the experience and the depth of my knowledge has grown so much since Lazorpoint has been on staff with us. What I didn't know really was hurting us."

"I had an experience where we actually had a ransomeware attack. It happened to be on an extended holiday weekend and before we even got back on Monday, Lazorpoint had everything back and up and running."