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IT Management Support

Our IT Peace of Mind program includes unparalleled communications and IT management to ensure that you never lose touch with your dedicated Lazorpoint team or the progress of your company’s IT solutions. Through our managed IT services, we promise:

  • Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly Run Meetings between your PointMan and your team
  • A monthly Peace of Mind Scorecard – a progress report based on our regular preventative maintenance visit
  • Strategic Think meetings on a regularly scheduled frequency to review the IT Roadmap, budget, upcoming projects and renewals, and your future goals
  • Clear expectations and open communication during critical operational issues or ongoing projects

A Successful IT Project Management Process for Your Operations

With everyone on the same page and all perspectives on the table, Lazorpoint helps you achieve confidence in your information systems and growth for your by ensuring that your project is delivered most effectively. Contact us to learn more about our IT project management process and communication.

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