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Holiday Happenings at the Lazorpoint Office

The end of the year is always the busiest. Finishing up projects and responding to client requests in between the holidays and vacations can be challenging, but luckily we’ve found a few ways to stay sane!

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Around the Office: November 2015

November was another busy month! Not only did we survive our building’s roof replacement, we also finished up and began some great projects for our clients. Here’s a little insight into what the Lazorpoint team has been up to over the last month.

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When, How to Expand Your Leadership Team

Earlier this month, Dave wrote an article that was published in Smart Business Magazine called “When, how to expand your leadership team with a company senior leader”. In the article, he talks about our choice to hire our new COO, Russ Klein.

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5 Factors That Affect Employee Engagement

Not every employee is enthusiastic at the start of each new workday, but if you find that a consistent lack of enthusiasm is leading to low productivity, you may have engagement issues.

Employee engagement refers to an individual’s involvement and satisfaction with his or her work. Engaged employees are emotionally connected to one another and to their work. They are better able to relate to the direction of the company and feel that their roles contribute to the organization’s momentum.

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