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Around the Office: November 2015

Posted by Ashley Hazlett on Thu, Dec 03, 2015


November was another busy month! Not only did we survive our building’s roof replacement, we also finished up and began some great projects for our clients. Here’s a little insight into what the Lazorpoint team has been up to over the last month.

The “We Survived the Roof Ripoff” Party

Earlier this fall, The Caxton Building undertook plans to replace the entire roof before the wintery weather began. While the eighth floor of the Caxton does offer some incredible views, and we really enjoy the space we’re in, the construction on the roof was not the quietest of activities. So, once it was all over, we held a construction-themed lunch party to celebrate the end of the noise.20151104_121059.jpg

What’s Cookin’

IMG_5247.jpgOn the week of Thanksgiving, Lazorpoint held a Chili Cookoff. Thank you to Emily Sedlak, Julie Buttle, Tony Ruff, James Clay and Chris Fedor (and his fiancé, Debbie) for participating in the contest and filling our bellies with some delicious chili! Now, I’m not sure what the secret ingredient is, but Tony’s chili won everyone’s hearts for the second year in a row. 

November Birthdays & Anniversaries

Happy Birthday to Dave, James and Emily! Dave Lazor, James Clay and Emily Sedlak all had birthdays this month. Dave is our Founder and CEO, James is an Infrastructure Engineer III, and Emily is our Delivery Support Coordinator. We celebrated at our Monthly Team Meeting with a chocolate raspberry cake. We also had two, two-year anniversaries this month: Dale Reimer and Ashley Hazlett! Thank you both for your hard work and dedication to the team.

Welcome to the Team, Antonio!

This month we added a new Infrastructure Engineer III to the team, Mr. Antonio Sweeney. His past experience in systems administration, network engineering and in a support desk environment make him a great fit for our team and we are very happy to have him on board.

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