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3 Popular IT Myths that are Distorting Your IT Strategy

Information technology is a complex component of the business world. Unless you come from an IT background, you probably don't have exhaustive knowledge in the field. And even with experience, you're up against an IT landscape that changes at a rapid pace. 

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Why New Technology Should Be Top Of Mind For CEOs

If you are among one of the two million Mad Men viewers out there, you recently witnessed the introduction of the IBM System/360 computer to the show’s SCDP office. And, even if you aren’t following the changing times depicted on Mad Men, you probably have some sense of what the development of the computer has meant for businesses in the last half century. Since then, new technology has changed the world.

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The Digital Generation: Changing The Face Of The Workforce

By 2025, the millennial generation will make up 75% of the workforce. And despite what much of the world thinks, these Gen-Yers are serious about their futures.

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It's Time to Think Differently About Your CRM System

In its most basic sense, a customer service management, or CRM, system is software used to keep track of a company’s contacts. But, if we look a little deeper and think a little more strategically, CRM systems can be leveraged to deliver much more value than a glorified address book.

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Banish The Big Data Mentality: Making Small Data Work For You

“Big data” is a buzzword for the mass amounts of information that businesses obtain from their customers in order to gain a deeper, more insightful understanding of them. Utilizing big data technology appears to be the ideal business approach, as it offers the deeper-level information that companies rely on to connect with their customers. But, although helpful in certain aspects of business, big data can be just a little too big.

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How One Company Leveraged IT Consultants To Increase Business Growth

For years, an international industrial supplier only had basic IT support. It was all they thought they needed. They soon began to grow frustrated with their provider and the break-fix cycle of IT repairs. When systems went down, their distribution warehouses were paralyzed. Their IT infrastructure was more critical than they thought.

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Technology Solutions ROI: 4 Simple Metrics for Success

Most companies talk about the ROI of their technology solutions in terms of hardware, software and uptime. These are all fine measures of your return on investment, but there’s an even better overall metric to examine: the productivity of your people.  

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5 Reasons Why Internal IT Management Isn’t Enough

Due to the size constraints of a small- to medium-sized business (SMB), personnel are frequently stretched thin with multiple duties to perform. So, just like SMB leadership, IT personnel often have to wear many hats in their day-to-day functions.

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3 Ways SMB Leaders Benefit From Outsourced IT

Owners and managers of small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) wear many hats in their business. These leaders are often well-versed in basic knowledge for accounting, sales, marketing and human resources, and they have a strong grasp on their company's operations. However, few SMB leaders know how to leverage information technology within their business.

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3 Ways Technology Consultants Impact Business Growth

Not all managed IT services are created equal. If you read our previous blog post about managed IT, you might be wondering what other differentiating factors you should consider to ensure you select the right IT partner for your business.

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