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How Much Does Outsourcing Full-Service IT Actually Cost?

Choosing the right full-service IT partner can be a confusing and intimidating process. Not only do you need to find a partner you trust, but you’re forced to navigate through different pricing proposals and options. We’re here to help make sense of the cost of full-service outsourced IT and explain what factors contribute to the expense.

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Don’t Get Stuck In These 3 Business Innovation Traps

In any business, innovation is the thin imaginary line between victory and defeat, between growth and stagnation, between a satisfactory year and a great year.

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4 Ways To Spur Sustainable Business Growth


Are you implementing business growth strategies and watching them fall flat months or weeks later? Sustainable growth isn’t easy. Even the best and brightest business leaders experience stall periods. 

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Why Isn't My Business Growing?


At some point in his or her career, every business owner hits the growth wall. In fact, according to a 2008 Harvard Business Review study, 87% of the surveyed companies experienced growth stall points.

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Targeting Company Growth: Are You Considering Your People?

Here at Lazorpoint, we’ve written a lot about how smart technology fuels company growth. However, even the best technology falls short when people, the backbone of any business strategy, aren’t leveraged effectively. If your company has trouble hitting growth metrics, consider the human element.

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How Are Technology Trends Impacting Your Company Growth?

Growing a business requires time, effort and strategy. Today, that strategy involves identifying and incorporating new technology.

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Is Your Technology Planning Stimulating Company Growth?

The middle market is poised for growth, but is your company? A recent study found that:

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It’s About Time Your Business Leveraged Sales CRM Software

When a small business gets off the ground, operations and processes are relatively simple. There’s very little complexity or sophistication. And simple is often better. It typically gets the job done more affordably. But as your company grows, the size of your team grows with it. Going from one salesperson – maybe you – to an entire sales team calls for more structure. Sales CRM software is the solution.

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3 Ways To Increase Productivity With Business Technology

Technology is more integral to business processes today than it ever has been – and that trend grows by the minute. Your business growth is directly tied to using technology that increases your day-to-day productivity and profitability.

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3 Popular IT Myths that are Distorting Your IT Strategy

Information technology is a complex component of the business world. Unless you come from an IT background, you probably don't have exhaustive knowledge in the field. And even with experience, you're up against an IT landscape that changes at a rapid pace. 

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