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[VIDEO] Protect Your Business from a CARES Act Cyberattack

Posted by Dave Lazor on Wed, Apr 08, 2020

Stimulus Package Cyber Scam VideoIt is not surprising that data security breaches are spiking. Few situations offer as many opportunities for cybercriminals as a global pandemic. The most recent flavor of COVID-19 related cybercrime feeds on confusion around the recently-approved Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. 

The CARES Act includes essential support for small- and medium-sized businesses in need. As businesses work with their banks to get their CARES loans approved, cybercriminals are cashing in. Watch this 2 minute video providing key tactics to keep your business secure from stimulus package scams. 

As businesses around the world work to rapidly shift strategies amidst COVID-19, Lazorpoint will be providing IT insights designed to keep your business secure and working smoothly.

Make sure your company is protected today.

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