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3 Ways SMB Leaders Benefit From Outsourced IT

Posted by Dave Lazor on Thu, Jan 16, 2014

SMBOwners and managers of small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) wear many hats in their business. These leaders are often well-versed in basic knowledge for accounting, sales, marketing and human resources, and they have a strong grasp on their company's operations. However, few SMB leaders know how to leverage information technology within their business.

That's because IT is a rapidly changing area of expertise. In the world of technology, what you learn today is outdated within a year or two – at least. So, how are you, as an SMB leader, supposed to keep up with the latest technology for your business while wearing other management hats? You shouldn't have to.

This is where outsourced IT comes in. Here are three ways that pairing with a technology consulting firm specifically helps you leverage information technology to drive your company's growth:

1. They find or develop new technology solutions to grow your business.

Information technology is relevant to every business. More and more businesses are able to sell their products online thanks to emerging technologies and lowered costs, but only if they are aware of such opportunities. For SMBs, this is the age of Square, Angie's List, and thousands of other technology solutions that are taking over the way SMBs traditionally ran their businesses.

By partnering with a managed IT services provider, you tap into these growth opportunities. Instead of wading through the millions of irrelevant IT choices for your business by yourself, a technology consultant works alongside your company and pinpoints specific technology solutions with the best growth opportunities.

2. They increase your productivity and allow you to focus on other aspects of your business.

As an SMB leader, you may have to wear many hats for different functions, but outsourcing your technology consulting removes your IT hat, which can be a big stress-reliever. This change increases your productivity in other areas of your business, letting you focus more closely on your areas of expertise. Instead of wasting hours on planning and implementation for an industry you’re not familiar with, let an IT leader handle your technology solutions.

Outsourced IT saves your business money and time. As an SMB, you aren’t able to hire someone to cover every aspect of your business, so managed IT services fill that gap and give you access to a multitude of technology services. Beyond just getting a technology consultant, you hire a whole IT team when you choose the right provider.

3. They keep your company focused on the future with long-term technology planning.

When you’re stretched thin as an SMB owner, your mindset toward IT is simply to put out technology fires with a break-fix approach. You don’t have time for in-depth research or for long-range technology planning to maximize company growth because information technology is transforming faster than a stretched-thin schedule allows for you to keep up.

Only experienced technology consulting teams have the adequate depth of experience and knowledge to keep you ahead of technology changes and focus your company on the future. With a fresh set of eyes, technology consultants may see opportunities that you may not, and help you seize those opportunities effortlessly.

With a trusted outsourced IT partner, you leverage information technology to drive your present and future company growth – instead of letting IT become a constant worry. And with technology worries off your mind, you get back to building and running your business.

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