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Growth-Driven Technology Management: A Marathon, Not A Sprint

Posted by Dave Lazor on Thu, Nov 14, 2013

Marathon not a sprint

Effective technology management doesn't begin with the firing of the starter pistol, and it doesn't stop once the finish line is crossed. In other words, your managed IT services should not be a knee-jerk sprint to a quick-fix solution. 

Quite the opposite, the relationship you have with technology consulting should resemble a steady, well-paced marathon:

How does a premium IT consulting firm help you strategically think about, methodically build and successfully run your business information systems (IS)?

1. THINK: IT vision and strategy

These first steps involve building out your IS blueprint: a plan that connects your technology, processes and people in a way that supports both your current business strategy and plans for future growth through:

  • Assessment of your current information systems in light of industry standards
  • Interviews to align your business needs, strategies and goals with the most appropriate technology solutions
  • Remediation planning to address any gaps between your current state, your business needs and best practices
  • Budgeting and roadmap work to lay out the sequencing and timing facets of your technology plan
  • Establishment of both operational and strategic communications rhythms, allowing for regular review and feedback throughout the subsequent "build" and "run" legs of the journey
  • Creation of HR-related polices that match up with your new technology vision (e.g., social media platforms, mobile integration, internet usage, etc.)

2. BUILD: IT leadership and execution

Every IS roadmap is different and no solution is "one size fits all." This is why a dedicated technology partner doesn't simply create your technology management plan and walk away. Their IT experts work to customize, optimize and execute it to perfection by completing the following steps:

  • Creation of your strategic onboarding process
  • Relationship building between your technology leaders, your team and your internal IT department (if you have one)
  • Implementation and project management associated with plans established during the previous "think" phase
  • Management of associated third-party vendors

3. RUN: Managed IT services and support

All systems are built and critical to your operations. Everything seems to be working according to plan... but that doesn't mean technology management is over. Comprehensive technology management is never "over." To ensure long-term, sustainable success, your IT partner 1) strategically and proactively maximizes the uptime of your systems and 2) swiftly and nimbly reacts when issues arise through a variety of ways:

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Renewals management
  • Production support
  • Network monitoring
  • Timely and clear communication
  • Operational reviews and ongoing adjustment to plans
  • Continual reporting on status, issues, trends, etc.

Having the right IT strategy and team helps you get ahead. But it's partnering with an IT consulting firm focused on your growth that preserves your peace of mind and promotes your technology confidence.

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