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3 Innovative Technology Solutions Real Companies Use For Real Results

Posted by Dave Lazor on Thu, Oct 03, 2013

Innovative Technology

When it comes to technology consulting for your business information systems (IS), you want the best of the best: the leaders in the field who are on top of the latest, most innovative technology solutions to drive your company’s growth and cultivate confidence in your technology management.

With a powerful combination of leadership, knowledge, ownership and vision, your IT consultants must be passionate about building innovative technology solutions that take “IT” off your mind. This way, you have the time and peace of mind to focus on what you do best: running your business.

What do we mean by “innovative technology”? The following are real solutions that real companies have leveraged to get real success for their businesses. 


Cloud IT  can be a very effective tool for small and medium business technology management that can reduce the cost of setup and overhead, giving CEOs and business owners the ability to focus on their business, not IT management.

  • With cloud computing, you get the benefits of secure, expertly managed IT services without the costs associated with purchasing and running your own equipment.
  • While it may not make sense for everyone or every situation, cloud computing is an excellent solution when you need to get the solution up and running quickly but don’t have a great deal of capital to put into hardware.
  • It’s also a great pilot platform. For example, you may test a new mobile app on the cloud to see if it takes hold. If the app is a hit, hardware follows.


Server virtualization is often confused with cloud computing. Cloud providers have large data centers full of servers to power their cloud offerings, but they aren’t able to devote a single server to each customer.

  • Cloud computing, is an umbrella term that often utilizes virtualization. Virtualization is often used for on-premise soltuions as well as cloud solution.
  • Server virtualization is fundamental to cloud computing, allowing one physical server to run several individual computing environments. In other words, it’s like getting multiple servers for each physical server you buy.
    • So instead of requiring a heavy load of physical servers, hardware virtualization allows you to pare down to just a few -- e.g., three servers instead of 18.
    • Lowers your overall cost.
    • Provides more flexibility and efficiency.
    • Virtual servers only use space as needed.
    • Because of the isolation and segmentation factors, a failed “bad code” won’t take down the entire server. This means greater protection, longer uptime and faster service.


The massive growth of the app market has led to a proliferation of accessible, low-cost development alternatives for innovative, mobile-friendly technology.

  • Mobile apps are the fastest, most effective way to communicate and collaborate.
  • Nokia tells us that “we are now a world of app dependents,” with 55% of smartphone users relying on apps to enhance productivity and connections in both our professional and personal lives.
  • Example: Mobile app that helped a distributors customers -- mostly tech-inept “mom and pop customers” -- sell more products. The app also had the added benefit of boosting customers’ “stickiness” (advocacy and loyalty) to the facility’s products, services and support.
  • Guide re-sellers interactively through the sales process.
  • Made the process more professional.
  • Provided a more pleasant and seamless experience for the end user.


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