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IT Standardization – Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of Your IT Systems

Did you know that small businesses tend to spend, on average, 6.9% of their revenue on IT? There’s no denying that technology is expensive. For some, IT can feel like a financial black hole.  

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6 Steps to More Effective Meetings [Infographic]


Meetings are the medium through which work is performed and evaluated. When meetings are well run, they contribute to effective teamwork and produce real deliverables.

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6 Productivity Hacks To Stay Focused & Simplify Your Workday

In today’s working world, we’re either looking for tricks to get things done quicker or giving into distractions that draw out our workday.

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5 Factors That Affect Employee Engagement

Not every employee is enthusiastic at the start of each new workday, but if you find that a consistent lack of enthusiasm is leading to low productivity, you may have engagement issues.

Employee engagement refers to an individual’s involvement and satisfaction with his or her work. Engaged employees are emotionally connected to one another and to their work. They are better able to relate to the direction of the company and feel that their roles contribute to the organization’s momentum.

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Healthy Habits For Better Work Productivity

We’ve written blogs on improving organizational productivity through technology, but this blog focuses on personal productivity and overcoming the challenges associated with both a lack of preparedness and a failure to move past daily distractions. Improving employee productivity in the workplace is the key to individual and organizational success.

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