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Business + IT Insights

Understanding the Hidden Costs of Outdated Technology

Which of these situations describes you:

  1. You’ve got legacy systems
  2. Your computers were purchased sometime in the early 2000’s
  3. Your CRM is a mess
  4. All of the Above

If any one of these applies to you, your team is probably frustrated because the tools or applications are currently getting in the way of them getting the job done.

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What Makes a Great Virtual CIO

Your business uses technology for everything. From email to point of sale to accounting to communication - technology is involved. The problem is, technology, or IT, isn’t what you do. It’s what you use, but not what you like to manage.

Running a business is hard enough let alone managing all the technological pieces. In today’s world, IT is integral to the success of a business, but too often, business owners wear the hat of a Chief Information Officer among all the other hats they wear and it causes the business to suffer.

What you need is a Virtual CIO (vCIO).

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The Biggest IT Staffing Mistake Business Leaders Make: The Mythical IT Superhero

Your current IT person has always been enough for your company. The computers are up and running, the servers function well and you’ve even made the move to some cloud-based services. You think of your IT person as an “IT superhero” – smart, loyal, relatively inexpensive and capable of solving just about any technology problem in a single bound.

Then, something happens.

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MSP Vs. MSSP Explained

Outsourced IT helps your business stay focused on what you do best by supporting you with the IT expertise and management you wouldn’t otherwise have at your disposal.  With today’s intense security pressures and the constant threat of cyberattacks, an IT partner that’s adept at preventing and handling these challenges is critical for every company.

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Transitioning to a New IT Provider Is Less Painful Than You Think

If technology is at the forefront of your business, a so-so IT provider weakens your competitive edge.

Making the switch to another provider may seem scary at first, but gathering the right information up front lessens the burden. Doing so also positions you to solve current user issues and build a better roadmap for the future of your company.

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How To Get The IT Talent You Need to Boost Your Technology Solutions

Growing companies are wising up to the importance of having strong technology leaders. 

But succeeding at hiring IT employees today is an uphill climb, especially in a technology landscape where winning talent is quickly scooped up by other companies, or the cost of keeping them is too great.

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5 Reasons Why Internal IT Management Isn’t Enough

Due to the size constraints of a small- to medium-sized business (SMB), personnel are frequently stretched thin with multiple duties to perform. So, just like SMB leadership, IT personnel often have to wear many hats in their day-to-day functions.

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