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IT Infrastructure Matters Much More Than You Think

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced companies across the world to adapt and transition rapidly to the cloud to enable remote work. What many businesses have not done is take a step back after the transition and ask themselves if the changes they implemented were the best for the business. Did the changes set their team up for success? Did the new landscape enable them to work in a safe, secure, and effective IT environment? Was their IT infrastructure better or worse than it had been pre-pandemic?

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How to Build a Better IT Strategy, Part One: Think

It’s the technology strategic planning season, when most companies contemplate future direction and define objectives around revenue growth, mergers and acquisitions, cost reduction and customer satisfaction.

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What the End of Windows XP Support Means for Your Business

As of tomorrow, April 8, Microsoft is no longer supporting Windows XP, Office 2003 and Exchange Server 2003.

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5 Challenges Associated with Supporting a Business BYOD Policy

Many companies today are grappling with the decision to welcome a BYOD policy into their IT infrastructure. But the decision to embrace the policy is only the first step in your journey to a flexible, adaptable and efficient mobile workforce.  After implementing BYOD solutions, you need to adapt your business IT support to sustain this mobile technology.

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Working Remotely, Part 3: Mobile Office Tools & Implementation Checklist

As a business owner, you already understand the benefits of employee telecommuting, but implementing a remote workplace is still a high hurdle to clear – especially if you don’t have the right telecommuting tools.

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Working Remotely, Part 2: Mobile Technology and Expectation Management

Perhaps you’ve considered telecommuting as an option for your employees. Or maybe you’ve been forced to adapt your company to a remote workplace because of weather or in order to retain top talent for your business. Whatever the reason, it’s not always an easy transition – particularly if you don’t have the right telecommuting technology solutions in place.

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Working Remotely, Part 1: How to Prepare Your Team and Your Business

Whether it’s a sudden storm,a natural disaster or delays on employee travel, you need your business to keep running smoothly – even if not everyone makes it into the office that day. With customers contacting you across the nation or from around the globe, neither the weather nor your time zone should inhibit their ability to reach you, possibly with a purchase in mind.

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How One Company Leveraged IT Consultants To Increase Business Growth

For years, an international industrial supplier only had basic IT support. It was all they thought they needed. They soon began to grow frustrated with their provider and the break-fix cycle of IT repairs. When systems went down, their distribution warehouses were paralyzed. Their IT infrastructure was more critical than they thought.

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4 Essential Principles Of A Solid Business IT Strategy

In the ever-changing world of technology, a sound IT strategy is essential to keeping your business IT infrastructure fresh and flexible. With so many technology solutions to choose from – and even more to regularly research – your approach to IT and innovative technology should be calculated and calm, instead of being knocked around by fleeting trends of the industry. 

But crafting a rigorous information technology strategy isn't a simple task. You need to first consider your current technology assets and then outline your technology management approach for solid business growth.

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PCs Vs. Mobile: 3 Key Dynamics For Your Business IT Infrastructure

With the rise of mobile technology, many business leaders are asking a similar question about their business IT infrastructure: “Is the PC dead?”

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