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5 Factors That Affect Employee Engagement

Not every employee is enthusiastic at the start of each new workday, but if you find that a consistent lack of enthusiasm is leading to low productivity, you may have engagement issues.

Employee engagement refers to an individual’s involvement and satisfaction with his or her work. Engaged employees are emotionally connected to one another and to their work. They are better able to relate to the direction of the company and feel that their roles contribute to the organization’s momentum.

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How This Year’s Microsoft Keynote Impacts Employee Productivity

Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference was held this summer in Washington, D.C., and the keynote address provided some insight into the direction of the company and how it plans to help businesses better maximize time and increase productivity.

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Healthy Habits For Better Work Productivity

We’ve written blogs on improving organizational productivity through technology, but this blog focuses on personal productivity and overcoming the challenges associated with both a lack of preparedness and a failure to move past daily distractions. Improving employee productivity in the workplace is the key to individual and organizational success.

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Is Your IT System & Strategy Prepared For A Disaster?

What effect does technology downtime have on your company?

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How to Make Smarter Technology Investments That Optimize Productivity

Technology evolves every day, and its evolution quickens. Just take a look at the advancement of Apple products – from the Mac to the iPod to the iPhone. In addition to the changes in outward appearance of Apple products, users are able to do more with the technology in their hands.

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The Business Smartphone Buying Guide

The introduction of the new iPhones is a reminder about how it’s easy to get swept up in the hype about the latest models. Because smartphones are such indispensable tools for our business and personal lives, choosing the right one is more important than ever.

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Technology Tools You Need To Maximize Collaboration In The Workplace

Professional efforts have a more pronounced impact when teams realize their full potential by banding together. Today's technology is changing how and where we collaborate to divide and conquer business objectives.

Are your employees taking advantage of the technology tools available to them for maximizing workplace efficiency and collaboration?

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Breaking Through The Business Technology Mentality Of “Us” And “Them”

Business technology is the backbone of most North American companies today, small and large. In 45% of these companies, CIOs or information technology directors report to CFOs or finance directors, a fact that emphasizes the importance of effective communication and a true understanding of departmental needs to manage the relationship between information technology and finance.

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It’s About Time Your Business Leveraged Sales CRM Software

When a small business gets off the ground, operations and processes are relatively simple. There’s very little complexity or sophistication. And simple is often better. It typically gets the job done more affordably. But as your company grows, the size of your team grows with it. Going from one salesperson – maybe you – to an entire sales team calls for more structure. Sales CRM software is the solution.

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The Cloud Revolution: Ensure Your Company’s Cloud Security

Technology has innovated the business world in several ways in the last few years, and one of the most impactful is cloud technology. 82% of companies reportedly reduced expenses by moving to the cloud. By 2015, end-user spending on cloud services could total more than $180 billion. But, as with any technological advancement, cloud security is a component of the revolution that’s nearly as important as the innovation itself.

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