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4 Gaps Managed IT Services Fill To Reach Your Company’s Vision

Posted by Dave Lazor on Fri, Dec 27, 2013

Compny GrowthEvery second, whether you’re watching or not, technology grows exponentially. It grows wider, it grows smarter and it grows more useful to your competitors. You know it’s important to stay ahead, but how do you keep up with so many evolving platforms and options? How do you start implementing those technology solutions for your company’s vision?

Sometimes, you don’t know where to begin.

Start with your in-house IT team: When is the last time you included them in your strategic planning sessions?

IT is a strategic lever you should be using to drive business growth – not just an afterthought for your company operations, and certainly not just a break-fix team to put out technology fires.

However, is your in-house team actually capable of everything you need them to do? Are they skilled enough to propel your company toward achieving your vision?

The answer is that most in-house IT teams aren’t.

For achieving a company-wide vision, you need a fresh set of eyes – an outside perspective that sees the gaps in your plan and helps fill them. Here’s where managed IT services really shine. With the right technology consultants, you fill the following gaps and achieve your vision for business growth:

1. Missing Technology

With all of the evolving technology solutions and gadgets out there, you could be missing something that makes your business vision a reality. You might be missing out on a game-changing, growth-driving technology simply because your team isn’t aware of the options.

With managed IT services, your technology consulting team keeps their finger on the pulse of IT trends, propelling you past the competition and letting you focus on growing your business.

2. Missing Strategy

If you’re struggling with how to integrate your in-house IT team into your strategic initiatives, you might be trying to put a square peg in a round hole. IT professionals aren’t always well-versed in business planning, so using IT as a strategic lever isn’t always immediately successful.

What your company needs is a paradigm shift from “We need an IT team to take care of this” to “We need to hire technology consultants who understand IT and our business.” With managed IT services, your in-house team’s strengths are rounded out by business-minded technology consulting that helps your company grow.

3. Missing Opportunities

Your competitors got there first – again. How many missed opportunities for your business do you tolerate before you make a change? If your business isn’t living up to its potential, a key IT personnel shift might be what you need.

By relying on a managed service provider for IT, you complement your in-house team’s capabilities and allow them to accomplish more for your business. Don’t be told “no” by your IT professional ever again – partner with an outsourced IT provider to put more manpower behind your IT initiatives and drive business growth for your company’s vision.

4. Missing Perspective

Consider the industry experience of your in-house technology team. Is it primarily in your business? Have they worked with other businesses in the industry? That industry-wide experience could be critical to your success.

Managed IT services bring in-depth industry perspective to your company’s strategic technology planning. With the fresh sets of eyes provided by seasoned technology consultants, your business is poised to leverage IT for accomplishing your vision through structured growth.

With well-rounded expertise, a business mindset and in-depth industry experience, technology consultants complement your IT weaknesses and stage your business for the growth it wants to achieve. Consider bringing your IT team – both in-house and managed IT services – to the strategic planning table, and make your company’s vision a reality.

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