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We Don't Quit Until You Win

Our reason for being is helping individuals and businesses win. If we have a hand in helping the achievement of potential by working with or for us, everyone wins.  We are guided by a set of core values that mean everything to us.

Rules for Winning

Commitment: to Mission, Team, and Your Promises.

Be committed to Lazorpoint’s mission and to the missions you are assigned. Accomplishing the mission with excellence and doing the right things is paramount. We never, ever quit! We stay with it until we succeed, even after getting knocked down. We evolve, we innovate, and we improvise. We find a way.

Be committed to the team so we are a high performance one. You must put the good of the team before yourself. Team members must be able to trust that their teammates will perform.

Be committed to the promises you make. Say what you will do and when you will do it; and do it every time!

Get Better.

Always be curious. Continually learn, find and apply new and better ways. You must have a thirst for learning and applying what you’ve learned. Have the highest standards in what you do – strive for excellence, not mediocrity. Keep learning, keep challenging yourself, and keep improving. Always look for ways to work smarter. Learning beats knowing. Be a learner, not a knower.

We don’t fear failure, but embrace that it is part of the process and learn from it. We replace this fear with the desire to learn and grow so that we can best accomplish the mission.

Passion to Serve.

Serve all stakeholders (clients, team members, and partners) with: empathy, enthusiasm, a strong willingness to help, a sincere sense of caring for them and their needs and the drive to do whatever we can to make them win. Put yourself into their shoes and understand where they are coming from and how something impacts them. Then pour your heart into serving them!

Take Ownership.

Own your experience at Lazorpoint and in life. Willingly own the problems and opportunities that you are accountable for in your role. When you see a problem or opportunity outside of your area of accountability, own it until you find the proper owner and properly transfer ownership to them and communicate to all appropriate stakeholders. Understand the urgency and impact of these and drive them appropriately to closure.

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