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Delivering You IT Peace of Mind

Long before IT Managed Services became a buzzword, Lazorpoint was offering full-service IT solutions and support to companies, particularly in the middle-market, to help them develop technology solutions to drive their growth.

Lazorpoint is a partner that delivers unmatched expertise, strong leadership, clear and direct communications and a culture built on commitment and trust. We work hand-in-hand with companies across a range of industries to help them understand technology opportunities and challenges and build the systems right for them. Our Think, Build, Run approach takes into account clients' unique make-up and how we can help them achieve peak performance.

We are the power behind your people and processes, the force that makes your business work faster, safer and smarter.

"Companies in growth mode understand that new technologies can change their worlds in amazing ways. And they know they must embrace the change and invest in ways to create a competitive edge. The key to getting out in front of change is to have an ideal partner, one that you trust as the heart of your business."

David Lazor, Founder & CEO, Lazorpoint

Northeast Ohio's leading IT managed services provider for
years and counting.
Northeast Ohio's largest middle-market IT partner with
professionals and partners.
Northeast Ohio's most trusted IT partner, having served over
middle market companies.
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