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// PointMan

Your Own IT Expert

Your PointMan, the leader of your Lazorpoint IT Team, is one of the top technology experts in Northeast Ohio. Your PointMan stands beside you as you lead your company through the new digital world.

Every Lazorpoint PointMan is a proven leader who has passed rigorous testing and training programs. Your PointMan is well-versed in all aspects of your technology solution and takes great pride in his or her role as a technology expert and trusted advisor.

What differentiates a Lazorpoint PointMan from your everyday IT support person is the level of expectation put on them and the level of accountability which they embrace. Unlike other providers, we know your PointMan has the experience to work smart and the confidence to make the right decisions in real-time.

What does your pointman do?

Your guide

  • Understands your business
  • Provides IT leadership
  • Translates technical language
  • Develops strategic systems blueprint
  • Collaborates with internal teams                                       

your manager

  • Takes control of IT systems
  • Develops efficient, effective IT processes
  • Manages 3rd Party Relationships                          
  • Trains internal team on system design and operations

Your Support

  • Keeps your technology and up-to-date
  • Ensures maximum system uptime and quick responses when issues arise
  • Allows you remain focused on your business

Meet Your PointMan

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